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Why Mixed Media Art?

I use mainly acrylics in my work - they are the most vesratile media I know. And in it's normal state the paint will dry fast - which is essential for somebody like me who doesn't have much patience. :)  Besides acrylics I love using charcoal pencil - for some reason outlining images with it and then smudging the lines a bit gives me immense satisfaction.  I also use pastels and white ink on occasion. You can also see elements of collage in my work - paper, tissue, dried leaves, various found objects - I like to incorporate all that.


I Love Color!

What can I say - bright colors make me happy! My favorite colror combinations are yellows and oranges against cerullean blue. Oh, and throw some fuchsia in the mix. And may be lime green. And a smidge of turquoise. Oh, and can't forget hot pink. In one word - the crazier the better. There is no reason a dog can't be colored vivid blue, or a girl's hair can't be green. Cats can be purple - just so you know. :)

Every now and then I would produce monochromatic painting or will use subdude colors - those are few and far in between.

My Inspiration

My faforite artist is Gustav Klimt - the colors, the patterns, the lines - I can look at his paintings for hours, they are immesly appealing to me, like a visual equivalent of ice cream (and I do LOVE ice cream!!).

I love work of Henri Matisse, Georgia O'Keeffe and Mikhail Vrubel.

Dreams... Colors... Thoughts... Feelings... all reflected on my canvas...

Have an idea or a suggestion?  Some words of wisdom for inspiration?  Praise for my awesomely amazing paintings :)? Drop me a line!

Tupelo Honey Cafe

on Tue, 01/21/2014 - 03:08

I was commissioned to paint a farm scene for Arlington location of Tupelo Honey Cafe which opens June1st 2015.

It's located at 1616 N Troy Street, Arlington 22201 - in the Courthouse metro area. Come visit!