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Why Mixed Media Art?

I use mainly acrylics in my work - they are the most vesratile media I know. And in it's normal state the paint will dry fast - which is essential for somebody like me who doesn't have much patience. :)  Besides acrylics I love using charcoal pencil - for some reason outlining images with it and then smudging the lines a bit gives me immense satisfaction.  I also use pastels and white ink on occasion. You can also see elements of collage in my work - paper, tissue, dried leaves, various found objects - I like to incorporate all that.


I Love Color!

What can I say - bright colors make me happy! My favorite colror combinations are yellows and oranges against cerullean blue. Oh, and throw some fuchsia in the mix. And may be lime green. And a smidge of turquoise. Oh, and can't forget hot pink. In one word - the crazier the better. There is no reason a dog can't be colored vivid blue, or a girl's hair can't be green. Cats can be purple - just so you know. :)

Every now and then I would produce monochromatic painting or will use subdude colors - those are few and far in between.

My Inspiration

My faforite artist is Gustav Klimt - the colors, the patterns, the lines - I can look at his paintings for hours, they are immesly appealing to me, like a visual equivalent of ice cream (and I do LOVE ice cream!!).

I love work of Henri Matisse, Georgia O'Keeffe and Mikhail Vrubel.

About The Artist

Have an idea or a suggestion?  Some words of wisdom for inspiration?  Praise for my awesomely amazing paintings :)? Drop me a line!

"The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration."
F. Kahlo

Anya's influences and inspirations that brought out her artistic side began early in her life. Her grandfather was her first teacher as he would sketch and doodle funny drawings for her, and she tried to imitate him. When she was older, Anya and her childhood friends would make tiny sculptures from the clay mud on the banks of a nearby river.
Yet Anya's options to further explore her own talents and learn were limited. Having been born and raised in the Soviet Union, Anya had to chose a more practical path to pursue than the tumultuous world of art. While she had dreamed of attending an art school she choose instead to enter the world of Information Technology, but never lost her drive and passion for the craft.
After immigrating to the United States, marrying her husband, establishing a career, and adding a dynamic duo of twins to her family, Anya felt the longing of her creative side wanting to be free. In the beginning, she began experimenting with imaginative decorations for children's jeans and denim overalls. This practice took off with the help of eBay and other mother's looking for unique outfits for their children. This allowed Anya to review her talents and the directions she wished to go in artistically.
In 2009, Anya began more serious work as painter, exploring methods and techniques that communicated her vision. Since that time, Anya has continued her journey, joined the Arlington Artist Alliance, and has showed her work in many venues through the Washington, DC area.
Among the artists Anya cites influences from are Gustav Klimt, Mikhail, Vrubel, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Frida Kahlo. Anya is an avid reader and has always been drawn to a written word, so most of her inspirations come from quotes or poems. But lots of her works are also inspired by her friends and family.
Anya paints in acrylics, using collage elements of paper, fabric, metal, yarn, foil and even dryer lint.
Anya has a studio at Red Studios in Crystal City underground mall. You can see her paintings on display at the Gallery Underground, Sun and Moon Yoga studio in Arlington, and at different local venues as advertised.